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Live chat became a customer service industry standard, but what are the benefits really?

Why Your Website Can’t Be Without Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in chat support | 0 comments

Customer service is a huge part of any online business whether small or large.  In today’s instant gratification world, consumers expect to get everything on the spot.

To keep up with the latest trends, it is important for businesses to offer support to their visitors via live chat.  This is also the reason many business owners have now taken their business to social media as it allows them to quickly answer their customers’ questions and concerns.

Live chat is still new to the business but is a great tool that can have a huge impact on your business.

Let us show you the top reasons your online business can’t be without live chat.

  1. It Can Turn Visitors Into Buyers

Although well planned marketing campaigns and proper sales funds will help you achieve great sales, you still lose many visitors who don’t make it pass the checkout.

Live chat software will allow you to not only monitor your website visitors live as they are browsing around, but they also integrate well with third party services like Google Analytics and let you analyze their behavior.

More than 30% visitors purchase right away after they were able to chat with an agent who helped them decide if your products or services were what they really wanted.  You can also customize how to interact with your customers during their purchase. For instance, you can configure the chat software to greet your customers if they have been on cart page for longer than 3 minutes.

Think of live chat as getting a personal assistant when you go to the grocery store, someone who would be there to help you answer any question you have before you make your purchase.

  1. Let’s Your Customers Connect With You

Live chat helps you greet your customers the second they get on your website as it has the capability of being put on auto greeting.  This great function allows you to chat with your customers and get to know them.  Customers love it because it’s private and they don’t have to provide personal details like email or phone number. This specifically helps during sales.

  1. Spend Less Get More

Live chat helps you increase your customer service cost by a lot by lowering the need to have agents answer phone calls at the call center.  Also, now you can interact with a larger customer base with your existing team because a skilled agent can have multiple chat sessions going on at once.

Also, if you manage call center operations, with increase in customer base, you will need to invest more money on getting new equipment and getting more trunks for calls, etc.  However, with live chat installed on your website, these costs can be minimized.

If you are interested in live chat, please contact our live chat agents today and let us help you find the perfect live chat software for your company.