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Live chat became a customer service industry standard, but what are the benefits really?

Live Chat Software & It’s Wonderful Benefits

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

By now, most people are aware of the wonderful benefits of using live chat software. But do you know how many benefits live chat software has?

Live chat doesn’t just better sales, it doesn’t’ just help with support, or service, or improve customer satisfaction.

The benefits of live chat go way deep. They are so diverse and far reaching that we will have to keep on writing for hours to touch them all.

Today we are going to show the top benefits of using live chat software on your website.

  1. It’s a low barrier option

Live chat is very easily accessible. With live chat, customers don’t have to go reaching for their phone and looking up an 800 number or email address. They simply press the chat button and start the conversation.

  1. The convenient option

For customers, one of the top benefits of using live chat is that is so convenient. They can  it with minimal disruption to their day, they can even use it while at work or at home.

  1. Increases web conversions

Your website is your digital showroom. By adding live chat software to your website you are adding a team of skilled agents in the same way you would add sales agents to your real showroom.

  1. Creates choices for customers

Some people hate having to make a phone or compose a long email. Some people avoid physical meetings because they hate face-to-face interactions. Adding live chat gives your customers another option to get in touch with your customer support team.

  1. Reduces errors on your website

One of the forgetting benefits of live chat is that is very effective in detecting problems. Visitors with forgotten login information or encountering 404 pages can quickly be helped by your support team.

  1. Your customers love it

Of course, one of the biggest reason to install live chat software on your website is to make your customers happy. They love the convenience of using live chat so why not give that to them.

  1. Helps you manage busy periods

With live chat software, not only can you help your customers when they have a question or a problem but you can also set agent chats schedules to meet high demands. Your busiest times can be manned and managed with easy by your support team.

  1. It helps enrich your CRM

Your live chat software will automatically stream data to your CRM. From hot new leads, to customer contact information, to feedback and sentiment, you can keep your CRM informed with fresh information.

  1. Reveals customer satisfaction

More advance live chat software will allow you to analyze chat sessions for sentiment. Then, satisfaction scores can be calculated to reveal how happy your customers are with the support your team provided them.

If you are looking for live chat software contact us today and let one of our live chat experts assist you.