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Live chat support - how to properly implement

Live chat became a customer service industry standard, but what are the benefits really?

How To Make The Most Out Of Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in chat support | 0 comments

Live chat can obviously do wonders for your business.  Live chat can increase your business potential, but only if is executed in the right way.  Here are some very important tips to ensure you make the most out of live chat:

  1. Train Your Agents

Live chat agents have to be extremely familiar with your inventory and website features.  Provide cheat sheets and FAQs to improve their performance and make it easier for them to answer any question your customers have in a fast way.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Shopping Hours

If you have an online store in California, there’s a chance that most of your visitors are international. Use analytics to determine when most of your visitors come to your website.  Don’t assume they come between the hours of 9 to 5.  If you have a problem sourcing local employees to cover off hours, then you might want to consider outsourcing to help.

  1. Don’t Be A Robot

The whole point of using live chat is to have an agent available to provide customers with a warm & friendly touch during their shopping experience.  Having robotic greetings or responses can kill the magic of live chat.

  1. Consider Hiring People With Experience

For the most effective use of live chat, you need to hire people with a great deal of sales experience and not just customer service agents.  People who have sales experience will more likely lead customers towards sales and increase your profits in the long run.

  1. Don’t Forget To Improve Your Social Media

When your live chat agents receive positive feedback from online visitors and customers, consider introducing your agents or sales team to nicely remind your visitors to like your Facebook page or to follow you on Instagram.

  1. Be Prepared For Surge Chat Volume

Customers need to understand that they are in a queue and agents will be with them as soon as they can.

  1. Give Your Customers Helpful Chat Features

Customers will also need to be able to modify the fond size and to request a transcript of the chat.

Thankfully, all the chat software websites provide live chat software, so you can test their products and see if you like it.

Besides finding the right software, companies using live chat today will need to provide specialized training to their agents.  Live chat is different from a phone call, since all replies need to be short and straight to the point.  Long paragraphs don’t cut it on live chat and it will just be too much.  There is an art to knowing how to properly use live chat, when to ask questions and when to offer help.

If you are interested in live chat, please get a hold of us today and let us assist you with your live chat needs.