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Live chat support - how to properly implement

Live chat became a customer service industry standard, but what are the benefits really?

Don’t Get Left Behind! Start Using Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in chat support | 0 comments

Customer service is a huge part of any business, small business owners mostly manage it themselves while medium and larger companies either hire in house or outsource to specialized companies.  In today’s fast paced world – and with the increased use of social media – users in general expect a business to act as and offer instant support, and this is where live chat comes into play.

Below you’ll discover why you need live chat on your website.

1 Targeting & Customization

The specificity of live chat provides yet another great reason to use it on your website.  You can choose to have the live chat feature only be active on certain pages on your website, or to only invite the visitor to chat after they’ve been on your site for a certain amount of time.

You could even have different team agents monitor the chat on certain pages.  This is a great advantage if your industry requires more highly specialized responses or if you are dealing with a wide range of products and services.

  1. It’s Very Profitable

Having an agent ready to initiate a chat conversation or to personally help your customers with their questions will help you keep them moving through the decision-making process.  Soon to be customers may no longer feel like they need to do any research on their own or compare a competitor’s product or service.  Responding immediately to questions or concerns while they are doing their shopping in a short amount of time can reduce bounces and cart shop abandonment.

Agents can also be trained to see opportunities to upsell customers or make suggestions in a no-pressure way.

  1. Become The Go-To For Your Customers

The average question on live chat can be answered in under 40 seconds.  With sites that have live chat capabilities, customers can get all their questions and concerns answered right away without waiting around.

In the future, customers will know that instead of having to Google an answer, they can simply hit the chat button feature and start a conversation with an agent who knows about the product or service.  This creates more integrated and complete customer experience.  It also creates more traffic to your website.

  1. Break Down Language Barriers

Live chat is great for team members and customers whose first language may not be English.  You can offer chat in other languages if you need, but it is easier to communicate in any language in writing rather than talking over the phone.  Plus, more people now prefer chat over making phone calls.  Think about the way most people talk today with their friends and family members; mostly quick text messages and phone calls only if they absolutely must.

  1. Get The Competitive Edge

Having a live chat agent to respond to customers will certainly give you a competitive edge. Think of these agents as your front line soldiers who are ready to make you more money.

Live chat has now gone completely mainstream and is an expected feature on almost every website.

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